Saturday, December 3, 2011

Festival of the Arts Grant Proposal

I've made a proposal for a Festival of the Arts grant, which may result in me having money to do a large-scale public sculpture this spring. These are images of smaller-scale ideas that I've been carving out, which will hopefully give the committee some sense of what I have in mind, formally:

I've been carving out of scraps of foam core that I've found around the studio

These are the sorts of forms that I'm interested in (imagine them standing vertically, and larger than life-size so that you could look through and walk around them--there will probably only be one, but it will look similar to this kind of biomorphic form)

A larger one I'm working on

Imagine the kind of depth I could get from 30 sheets of this stuff!

I've also been working on an installation, which is done--I'm taking tons of images yesterday and today because I have to tear it down and repaint the room tomorrow. I'll be sure to post a worthy selection soon...