Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anagram Thing Update

I've updated the execution of this thing.  I've been physically printing out the phrases, cutting out the letters, and re-arranging them into new configurations on new pieces of paper, which I photocopy, then scan.  I've decided to call the project Re-Composed (for now...).  Here are the iterations so far:

Re-Composed: f a m i l y  v a l u e s :



Re-Composed: f o r c i b l e  r a p e :

The physicality of the arranging feels much more intuitive, and I like the way this aesthetic underscores the re-configuring/ manipulating process itself.  I've been looking at a lot of zines lately and I really like the DIY vibe of a lot of them.  The DIY spirit is important to me in general, and for this project specifically because the whole point is to just fuck around with these phrases in a playful way that brings about new and different possibilities and potentials.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flashback to January/2012: Melt/ Crystalize

During the only significant snowfall of this past winter, I made a snowball with a red/pink center, then used a heat gun to slowly melt it.

I recorded the process.  Sadly, the camera's battery ran out and the sun went down before I could completely melt the snowball, but I used the footage I got to make a video.  I sped up the footage to four times its original rate and reversed it so that it ends up as a fully formed snowball again.  Here's a low-res version of that video:

Here are some process stills I pulled from the video recording (note how much clearer they are...stupid video file size limits...): 

And here are some images I took during the act itself: 

It was a pretty spontaneous thing--when I did it, I was thinking about using heat to carve out an architectural interior space in the snow over time, without ever touching the snow.  The color was a playful element--I thought it would be more exciting if there was a reveal involved in the process.  It also made it sort of bodily, like the snow was bleeding, or growing orifices.  When I showed it to my class, the professor suggested that there was some sexual tension between the heat gun and the responsive snow.  I honestly hadn't been thinking consciously about that dynamic when I made this, but I can definitely see how he got there.  This is an important piece for me to look back on because it was my first concrete experiment with video as a medium, and because it involved me performing an action.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Self-Portraits...

9/11/12  2:02AM  (1.25" x 1.75") pencil on paper

9/11/12  2:08AM  (1.25" x 1.75")  pencil on paper

9/11/12  2:15AM  (2" x 2")  pencil on paper

9/11/12  2:22AM  (6.75" x 5.5")  pencil on paper

9/11/12  6:38AM  (2" x 2")  pencil on paper

9/11/12  6:45AM  (2" x 2")  pencil on paper

9/12/12  12:35AM  (2" x 2")  pencil on paper

9/12/12  12:40AM  (4.25" x 5.5")  pencil on paper

9/12/12  12:46AM  (2" x 2") pencil on paper

9/17/12  12:42AM  (5.5" x 6.5")  pencil on paper

9/18/12  12:18AM  (2" x 2")  pencil on paper

9/18/12  12:26AM  (2" x 2") pencil on paper

9/21/12  2:38AM  (3.5" x 5.25")  marker and pencil on paper

9/21/12  2:51AM  (1.5" x 2")  marker and pencil on paper

9/21/12  2:59AM  (1.5" x 2")  marker and pencil on paper

9/21/12  3:06AM  (1" x 1.5")  marker and pencil on paper

9/21/12  3:11AM  (1" x 1")  pencil on paper