Friday, February 15, 2013

Video Screening + Sake Tasting = Saturday Night in Bushwick!

So, back in July, I received an email from a guy who had seen my video installation at the BWAC.  He told me how much he had enjoyed the installation, and let me know that he and his friend were in the process of setting up a gallery space in Bushwick.  Awesome.  There was also someone who left a comment in the feedback notebook I had set up at the BWAC opening who left his email, which I used to express my gratitude for his comment (he quoted a TS Elliot poem.  Awesome).  Turns out, the guy whom I contacted is the friend of the guy who contacted me!  I know this because the guy I contacted responded to my message by inviting me to be the featured artist at their annual Art & Spirits Eve, which has been serving as a sort of teaser event until they get the gallery up and running.  They feature an artist in conjunction with a tasting of a particular alcoholic beverage (past examples include scotch and bourbon)--this year's spirit is sake, to be paired with Putting My Face On!!

I am incredibly psyched to officially meet these gentlemen and screen the video for an audience again.  I will also have 5 editions of the video for sale as DVDs.  Aftermath post to come!